Two people canoeing in the East River after pushing off from the rocky shore of Hunts Point landing

Pratt Center facilitated a series of community engagement efforts which informed the City’s update of the 2004 Hunts Point Vision Plan, and help guide future investments in the Hunts Point neighborhood. Pratt Center led a team which included Barretto Bay Strategies, Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, and the Hunts Point & Longwood Community Coalition, a group of community based organizations serving residents of the Hunts Point and Longwood communities.

A group of students and their chaperones at a Hunts Point waterfront park pause at the water's edge as their instructor squats down to point out something the sand


The 2004 Hunts Point Vision Plan resulted from hundreds of local Bronx stakeholders meeting over several months, and led to City investments in new parks, safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists, workforce opportunities, and improved air quality. Originally created to guide investments within the community for the next 15-20 years, it has been over 15 years since the first vision plan. and while many investments have been made in the peninsula, some issues still persist and major crises such as Superstorm Sandy and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have revealed the need to create an updated holistic agenda for the future of the peninsula for all of its stakeholders.

Girl wearing a face mask points to a poster titled "Public Health/Salud Publica" which is displayed with a series of posters on a chain-link fence

The Process

Pratt Center led the engagement and facilitation process in collaboration with the Hunts Point and Longwood Coalition. Efforts included a virtual kickoff meeting, administering hundreds of surveys outside COVID vaccination drives, and informal conversations with residents at various neighborhood events. Read more about our approach here.

The Plan

A collaboration between over 22 community-based organizations brought together by the Hunts Point and Longwood Community Coalition, the Hunts Point Forward Report outlines over 73 short- and long-term recommendations shaped by the concerns and priorities of the Hunts Point community. The plan presents a unified vision centering the need for healthy bodies, healthy minds, a livable environment, connectivity, accountability, and shared prosperity.

Cover of Hunts Point Forward: A Vision for the Future Final Report - cover photo shows kids dancing and blowing bubbles


Project Status

Completed 2022


  • Community Engagement
  • Urban Planning
  • Education & Training


  • Barretto Bay Strategies
  • Hunts Point Longwood Community Coalition
  • Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects



  • The Bronx