Meet our 2023-2024 Graduate Fellows

group of four black and white headshots. all young women with dark hair, smiling.

Pratt Center is thrilled to introduce the 2023-2024 cohort of Pratt Graduate Fellows:

  • Sydney Tiemann (Policy and Data Fellow) 
  • Valeria Milesi (Energy Resilience Fellow)
  • Maulika K Hegde (Made in NYC Marketing Fellow) 
  • Siena Leone-Getten (Creative Communications Fellow) 

This year’s fellows represent programs at Pratt as wide-ranging as Communications Design, Historic Preservation, and Sustainable Environmental Systems. They’ll be supporting our staff, gaining hands-on research, planning, marketing, and communications experience while working towards an equitable and sustainable New York City. We asked the fellows to share about themselves and where they see themselves after graduation.

Black and white photo. Headshot; smiling young woman with brown hair and black tank top standing in front of wood-planked wall

Sydney Tiemann (Full Bio) 
Policy and Data Fellow
Program of Study: Urban & Community Planning 

Where do you see yourself after graduation? 
I hope to work towards just climate resilience and adaptation strategies.

A random fact about you. 
This summer, I successfully grew peppers on my roof for the first time.

Black and white photo. Headshot. Young woman with dark hair in striped blazer, smiling, background is a park setting

Valeria Milesi (Full Bio)
Energy Resilience Fellow
Program of Study: Sustainable Environmental Systems 

Where do you see yourself after graduation? 
I hope to work towards an equitable clean energy transition. 

A random fact about you. 
I’ve lived all over the world. My eight years in New York City so far is the longest amount of time I’ve spent living in one place.

Black and white. Headshot. Young woman with dark, curly hair and glasses, white shirt, smiling. Background library setting.

Maulika K Hegde (Full Bio)
Made in NYC Marketing Fellow
Program of Study: Communications Design

Where do you see yourself after graduation? 
I hope to work in user research, interaction, and experience design. 

A random fact about you. 
I recently discovered baking, and while it’s not rocket science, I’m enjoying the science involved.

Siena Leone-Getten (Full Bio)
Creative Communications Fellow 
Program of Study: Historic Preservation

Where do you see yourself after graduation? 
I hope to work on the preservation and interpretation of historic buildings within parklands.

A random fact about you. 
I enjoy making art out of seeds and other plant parts.


20 Sep, 2023