A message from Pratt Center

The power and resilience of the communities we work with have deep and historical roots. Despite poverty, economic exclusion and systemic oppression, people working together have found ways to build and rebuild from a place of dignity and hope. We are already witnessing this self-determined ingenuity in the actions of community leaders and advocates across our city, state and country.

The health risks associated with the current pandemic present an extraordinary challenge to the most vulnerable communities, including people of color, low-income, immigrants, the undocumented, seniors, the homeless and hourly wage earners, all of whom are already experiencing dire health and socioeconomic impacts. Standing in solidarity with these communities, Pratt Center calls on every level of government to swiftly take the necessary actions to stop the spread of the virus, ensure universal access to testing and free treatment, and address the real economic impacts of lost wages and jobs.

We at Pratt Center have been leaning into community amid these troubling and uncertain times. We’re listening to, sharing resources with, and learning from one another in new ways and noticing the tremendous outpouring of generosity among neighbors and communities across the city. In that spirit, we’re sharing some of the resources we’ve found most helpful in hopes that they strengthen our connections and fuel your community-building work in the months ahead. 

In this together,
The Pratt Center team


26 Mar, 2020