Marie Georges

Manager of Fiscal Affairs

Marie is responsible for preparing Pratt Center's operating budget, reviewing proposals and contracts for compliance with funder requirements, authorizing expenses, and reviewing all expense reports. Marie also meets with staff members to monitor project expenses in order to keep budget estimates on target. Prior to becoming Fiscal Manager, Marie served for 10 years as office manager and liaison to security, facilities, and other departments along with providing a high level of internal administrative organization for staff, fellows, faculty, and student workers. 

Prior to working at Pratt Center, she served as a data manager for the New York Industrial Retention Network (NYIRN) for nine years, until being promoted to Office Manager. Marie was one of the first staff members assigned to reach out to companies in an effort to build NYIRN’s Made in NYC initiative—which was assumed by Pratt Center and now has over 1,300 manufacturers in its network. Marie has also served as a book keeper for New York city and state contracts and audits.