Pratt Center's projects operate at the intersections of community development, business innovation, and forward-thinking research and policy.

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Protecting Manhattan's Garment Center and a Thriving Fashion Industry in NYC
Breaking down NYC by the numbers
The EnergyFit NYC Pilot seeks to increase energy savings and reduce carbon emissions in New York City’s one- to four-family homes. The Pilot offers a specific package of...
Bridging community development across Pratt Institute's diverse disciplines.
The Equitable Innovation Economies (EIE), launched by Pratt Center and the Urban Manufacturing Alliance (UMA) will help cities design strategies to increase access and...
We found alarming socioeconomic disparities in transportation access through a comprehensive analysis of commuter routes and travel time across NYC.
Pratt Center works with local organizations to plan for the sustainable redevelopment of brownfields in low- and moderate-income communities.
NYC's burgeoning food manufacturing sector can continue to grow and create jobs through the facilitation of third party product distribution.
Pratt Center is a leading advocate for BRT – a low cost approach to shortening commutes for thousands of New Yorkers and closing disparities in transit access.
Diverse commercial corridors with thriving locally-owned businesses lead to prosperous and vibrant neighborhoods.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Pratt Center is working to develop community-driven long-term resiliency strategies.
A diverse coalition is fighting to preserve open space and expand affordable housing in the face of several unaccountable development proposals.
The UMA is a national collaborative of public and private stakeholders working to foster sustainable manufacturing initiatives in cities across the U.S.
Pratt Center is working to dramatically expand the residential energy efficiency market through an innovative study to standardize retrofits.
Green Jobs-Green New York is a statewide initiative to strengthen communities through energy efficiency, with a focus on small residential buildings.