Pratt Center works for a more sustainable and equitable New York City in partnership with community-based organizations, small businesses and policymakers.

Our Areas of Impact

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Pratt Center combines urban planning, research, policy advocacy, and small business assistance to advance innovative solutions to low- and moderate-income communities’ greatest economic and environmental challenges. We work in four issue areas:

Sustainable Community Development

We use participatory planning methods to foster community-driven development strategies.

Transportation Equity

We work to ensure that the benefits and burdens of the transit system are fairly shared by all New Yokers.

Urban Manufacturing

We work for a more sustainable local economy by strengthening NYC's manufacturing sector.

Energy Efficiency

We develop innovative strategies and provide technical assistance to ramp-up building retrofits.

What We're Working On

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Why We're Different

University-Based, Community-Driven

Our work leverages the unique resources of a university and is informed by our on-the-ground experience in low- and moderate-income communities.