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Neighborhood Data Portal

Breaking down NYC by the numbers

Created in 2016, the Neighborhood Data Portal (NDP) is a free online application that integrates nearly three dozen vital datasets to break down New York City’s neighborhoods by the numbers. By democratizing access to essential planning tools like mapping and data analysis, the portal advances Pratt Center's mission to support low-moderate income communities to plan for the future they want to see. Essential updgrades made to the platform in 2017 and 2018 now give users, especially staff at community-based organizations, greater analytical control over the data they need to develop responsive, impactful programs and customize and share their work.

Equal and free access to essential information about local neighborhoods is fundamental for community-based planning and policy-making that advances a just city. From who lives in a neighborhood to which jobs are located there, from how many car crashes take place to which sites need to be cleaned up, key localized information is now just a few clicks away and all in one place. The Neighborhood Data Portal helps to close the access gap by removing barriers caused by expensive GIS software, hardware and data or specific educational requirements to use those tools. 

  • The data we use originates from a variety of sources. You can choose from the over 30 data sets to download.

  • Have questions about accessing data or using features of the Data Portal? View a running list of answers to some of the most common questions we hear from users.

  • View detailed descriptions of our data and find links to all our data sources.

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