2018-2019 Taconic Fellowships

Announcing the 2018-2019 Taconic Fellows

About the Taconic Fellowship

Each year, Pratt Center seeks to connect other disciplines to community development work through the Taconic Fellowship program. Made possible by a grant from the Taconic Foundation, the Fellowship provides financial awards to Pratt faculty and student teams for projects that align with Pratt Center’s urban planning and policy work in support of sustainable and equitable community development.


2018-19 Projects:

Community Photo Album: Encouraging Civic Activism Through Shared Histories

This research and exhibition of the community surrounding Sara D Roosevelt Park in the Lower East Side of Manhattan seeks to inspire community engagement in the reclamation of an underutilized parks building. An exhibition of archival images–from the NYC Parks Department to family albums–will bring together current and past residents of the community to share their histories and connections to the neighborhoods served by the park since its opening in 1934. The goal of this exhibition is to inspire community activism by strengthening connections to shared stories, histories, and sustainable futures to raise awareness of the potentials of underutilized sites to provide spaces, services, and programs that the community urgently needs.

Community Partner: Sara Roosevelt Park Community Coalition
Pratt Faculty: Keena Suh, Interior Design
Karyn Zieve, History of Art and Design
Pratt Student: Seokyoung Jung, Undergraduate Interior Design


Protecting Community Gardens

Seemingly unfettered real estate development threatens the very precious sustainability and resiliency of our coastal city. The community-based environmental resources of our city's Community Gardens hold the key(s) to ensuring our municipal capacity to mitigate the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events such as Super Storm Sandy. Our project entails mobilizing community-based advocacy and organizing efforts focused on securing regulatory protections for improving the land tenure of Community Gardens / Community Farms. 

Community Partner: Nos Quedamos
Pratt Faculty: Raymond Figueroa, Sustainable Environmental Systems Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment
Pratt Students: Samuel Pressman, MS Candidate in Sustainable Environmental Systems


Climate Resilience Leadership Lab

The Climate Resilience Leadership Lab aims to support young people in East Harlem to build awareness about climate change and their community, make their voices heard through advocacy in the civic realm, and take real action through pilot projects. In 2018 and 2019, Pratt faculty and students from the School of Architecture Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment will work with DREAM Charter School in East Harlem to collaborate on a pilot project with a group of high school students and a public housing tenants association. The project will create an emergency preparedness guidebook for public housing residents and provide information about climate change risks and resources to make the community more resilient.

Community Partner: DREAM Charter School
Pratt Faculty: Michael Haggerty, School of Architecture Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment
Pratt Student: Samuel Pressman, M.S. Candidate in Sustainable Environmental Systems 


A food buying club for East New York

Building on a capstone research project in the Arts and Cultural Management program, the team will further engage with the East New York community to develop community driven food buying club that provides year-round access to affordable, fresh food. The project encompasses the exploration of location options and location partners for regular deliveries, the co-creation of the logistics and the design of the communication system among food buying club members.

Community Partner: East New York Farms!
Pratt Faculty: Pirco Wolfframm, Communications Design
Pratt Student: Olivia Kwiatkowski, Undergraduate Communications Design
Ava Wang, Undergraduate Communications Design
Stephanie Høholt-Pajuelo, MFA Candidate in Communications Design
Tara Nasr, MFA Candidate Communications Design


Not Yet

NOT YET explores the inherent community work in artmaking through intentional, accessible creative spaces in New York City. Their programming is curated by women, queer people, and people of color. They offer not only material resources for community health & wellness and political engagement projects, but also intentional fellowship and partnerships that lay the groundwork for the future. Not Yet is a breathing example of how it’s possible to make art and build community at the same time. Follow our project at www.notyetseries.com.​

Community Partner: New Women's Space
Pratt Students: Paige Polk, MA Candidate in Media Studies
Pratt Students: Elizabeth Olgun, MA Candidate in Media Studies


As Told

As Told is an oral histories project aimed at recording and publishing the stories of Clinton Hill- and Fort Greene-area senior citizens in Brooklyn, NY. In light of social and economic transformations in Brooklyn and specifically these neighborhoods, we believe it is valuable to document the history of our community's oldest residents by gaining knowledge of their daily lives and their journeys. As Told creates a forum for those who have persevered through many waves of change to share their experiences while finding ways to honor and learn from their wisdom.

Community Partner: Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project
Pratt Staff: Luke Degnan, Institutional Advancement
Maria Baker, Provost's Office
Pratt Students: Aarush Agni, MFA Candidate in Creative Writing
Samuel Herrera, Undergratuate in Photography


Environmental Art Therapy

The League School is a school/day treatment combination that provides clinical and educational services to children and adolescents with significant and frequently severe developmental and psychological disabilities. Individual and group art therapy sessions in relationship to the outdoor environment will be conducted twice a week as a part of the clinical and creative arts therapy services currently offered at League School. Environmental Art Therapy – which provides an invaluable nature-based venue for creative generation and allows for a deeper and more expansive awareness of self and other - is becoming increasingly prevalent, and we believe firmly that adopting this practice at the League School in conjunction with Smile Farms Inc., an on-site horticulture program, will support these young people in profound ways while also furthering the emergence of the field of Environmental Art Therapy.

Community Partner: League School – League Education and Treatment Center
Pratt Faculty: Jean Davis, Creative Arts Therapy
Pratt Students: Ashley Breton, MPS Candidate in Creative Arts Therapy
Allyson Parrish, MPS Candidate in Creative Arts Therapy
Lindsey Gamble, MPS Candidate in Creative Arts Therapy