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Pratt Center Internships Summer 2018


General Description and Qualifications
Pratt Center is accepting applications from undergraduate and graduate students currently studying urban planning, urban policy, environmental sustainability, geography, history, economics, communications design or related subjects. Recent graduates and entry-level professionals may also apply. Students and graduates from all universities are welcome, as are experienced community development advocates and organizers without college degrees.

Specific Internship positions include:

Project Assistant – Community Planning Intern

Responsibilities: Responsible for assisting with technical support for our neighborhood rezoning projects and conducting research to inform neighborhood policy recommendations. One position is available. Duties will include conducting research and policy analysis, gathering and analyzing neighborhood and city-wide data to inform policy recommendations and campaign development, working with community group partners, conducting outreach and engaging in field work, attending community meetings (some evenings/weekends may be requested), development of outreach and educational materials for community members, and assisting in the development of report or policy briefs for elected officials and City staff.

Skills and Interests: The ideal candidate is enrolled in a Master’s program in urban planning, public policy, public health, or a related field; is committed to economic, environmental and racial justice; is interested in community development through a participatory planning framework; and is familiar with and comfortable working with low-income communities. Skills and experience required for this position include strong written and verbal skills, experience in community organizing or campaign planning, strong data management and analytical skills, and a proven ability to work independently and take initiative. The following skills are a plus: graphic designs skills including proficiency in InDesign, Illustrator, and/or Photoshop; GIS mapping abilities; and Spanish or other non-English language skills.

Hours: Part time, 14-21 hours a week

Project Assistant – Planning and Outreach Intern

Responsibilities: Responsible for assisting Pratt Center’s community planning, sustainability and policy staff with a variety of projects. Duties will include conducting research; conducting interviews and other community outreach; engaging in field work; attending community meetings (some evenings/weekends may be requested); and gathering and analyzing various types of data.

Skills and Interests: This position is suitable to an undergraduate or graduate student studying urban planning, public policy, public health, environmental planning, or a related field; or to a non-degree community development advocate/organizer with a year or more of experience in the field. The ideal candidate has a basic knowledge of urban planning and urban policy, as well as strong written/verbal communications, organizational, and logistical skills. Interest in community development and community outreach is required. Data management, GIS and graphic design skills are plus.

Hours: Part-time, 14-21 hours a week

Project Assistant - Made In NYC (MINYC)

MINYC, an initiative of the Pratt Center, was created to support a vibrant manufacturing sector in New York City. Local manufacturing creates employment opportunities for the city’s extraordinarily diverse workforce and gives the city much of its character and soul. Pratt Center is working to increase awareness of manufacturing in NYC by developing the MINYC brand and related programmatic initiatives and by assisting companies in improving their marketing and capacity for growth.

Responsibilities: The MINYC Project Assistant is responsible for assisting the MINYC team with all aspects of the initiative. Duties will include but not be limited to:

  • Helping with communications tasks such as writing newsletters and posting on social media
  • Outreach tasks such as contacting manufacturers to verify their membership information and improve their listings on our website, interviewing manufacturing businesses for the newsletter, conducting factory site visits, and other  outreach as needed;
  • Collecting photos, video and other media from member manufacturers for inclusion on MINYC website & other platforms;
  • Research tasks such as identifying new potential MINYC members for further outreach;
  • Organizational tasks such as helping plan events and meetings for/about manufacturers.

Skills and Interests: This position is suitable to an undergraduate or graduate student studying urban planning, public policy, public health, environmental planning, economics, business development, or a related field; or to a community development or small business advocate/organizer with a year or more of experience in the field. The ideal candidate has strong written and verbal communication skills; is outgoing, personable and comfortable speaking with a diverse range of constituents; and is interested in manufacturing retention and small business development. Skills in website management, graphic design, event coordination/management, and photography/videography are a plus.

Hours: Part-time, 14-21 hours a week

Project Assistant – GIS and Graphic Design

Responsibilities: Responsible for assisting senior planners and GIS specialists with a variety of data analyses and mapping projects as well graphic design.  Duties will include gathering, analyzing and mapping socio-economic and demographic data (various US Census products) and assisting with data collection and visualization. 

Skills and Interests: This position is suitable to an undergraduate or graduate student studying urban planning, public policy, public health, environmental planning, or a related field who has had at least one year (undergrad) or one full semester (grad) of GIS coursework. Required skills include data collection, management and mapping; fluency with ArcGIS desktop; and basic knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. Interest in community development, economic development, data analysis is required. Fluency in Adobe Illustrator and/or ArcGIS Online is a plus.

Hours: Part-time 14-21 hours a week

Project Assistant – Communications Design

Responsibilities: Responsible for assisting Pratt Center’s communications team with design-based projects that support our equity work. Duties include preparing various graphic materials such as charts and graphs, 1-page information/fact sheets, and social media assets; taking, editing, and organizing photos; layout design of reports and presentations; email marketing campaigns; and other tasks as needed.

Skills and Interests: This position is suitable to an undergraduate or graduate student studying communications design or a relevant graphic design discipline, or an urban studies/planning student with strong graphic design skills. Required skills include proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, advanced knowledge of current design standards and trends, strong project management skills, and exceptional interpersonal and collaboration skills. Advanced proficiency in Photoshop and InDesign, knowledge of urban planning practices, and knowledge of video editing and production are a plus.

Hours: part-time 14-21 hours a week

Term and Salary

The internship term will be from mid-May to late August, with some flexibility within that time period (to be discussed with successful candidates).

Pratt Center is has funding to offer some of the positions as paid internships, while others may be offered on a voluntary basis. For paid internships, the salary range is $12-$18 based on experience.

Application Process

Please submit a cover letter and resume to:, with Internship Application as your subject line. Cover letters should indicate which internship position/s you wish to be considered for, and should express your general interests, educational background, and relevant skills for the position/s.  Applicants who will only consider a paid internship should indicate this in their cover letter.

No calls please! If you have any questions, they can be sent to the email above.